INSPIRED CUISINE selected from Asia Pacific Best Restaurants and F&B Manufacturers by A.A. Taste Awards and The Anti Additive Association

The Anti Additive Association (A.A) has been promoting delectable food system around the globe for years. Over the years, our food system has changed drastically- food has been genetically- modified, laden with artificial flavors and sugar. The A.A. was organized to prevent the lore of cooking traditions from vanishing and to promote an exquisite yet sustainable food system.

To recognize food and beverage manufactures dedicated to providing an additive- free food supply, the A.A. Taste Awards was established. Most people have the wrong impression of enticing products being less appetizing. These award recipients and candidates managed to deliver quality, healthy and delicious food. The A.A. Taste Awards is an incentive to excellence which calls for a more conscious food system.

why participate?

|Developing consumer-centered quality assurance.

|Becoming a piece of trending dietary in the world.

|A gratitude from F&B industry. 

|A powerful brand creation and marketing strategy.

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