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A.A. Taste Awards and The Anti Additive Association

The Anti Additive Association (A.A) has been promoting delectable food system around the globe for years. Over the years, our food system has changed drastically- food has been genetically- modified, laden with artificial flavors and sugar. The A.A. was organized to prevent the lore of cooking traditions from vanishing and to promote an exquisite yet sustainable food system.

To recognize food and beverage manufactures dedicated to providing an additive- free food supply, the A.A. Taste Awards was established. Most people have the wrong impression of enticing products being less appetizing. These award recipients and candidates managed to deliver quality, healthy and delicious food. The A.A. Taste Awards is an incentive to excellence which calls for a more conscious food system.

why participate?

|Developing consumer-centered quality assurance.

|Becoming a piece of trending dietary in the world.

|A gratitude from F&B industry. 

|A powerful brand creation and marketing strategy.

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The Jury



Franciacorta, Italy

Stefano Cerveni, of Le due Colombe in Corte Franca, Italy is the winner of the 2013 premier IMAF Chef’s Cup, announced festival director Rossella Canavari. After a close battle with the top Michelin-starred chef, Rosanna Marziale of Le Colonne Restaurant in Caserta Italy during an exciting Gran Finale on Wednesday night at Il Fornaio judges named Cerveni the final winner of a seven-stage competition in Italy.


Islas Baleares, Spain

Enriched by overseas experience, in April 2011 he decided to open his own restaurant: Andreu Genestra Restaurant in the Hotel Predi Son Jaumell in Capdepera, Mallorca.After a lot of work and with a lot of spirit of sacrifice, Andreu has been given a Michelin Star and the Repsol Guide awards him with a Sun.


Milan, Italy

Born in Molfetta in 1973, Felice Lo Basso could literally be defined as a lover of great heights: he migrated from Puglia to the Dolomite peaks to lead the Alpen Royal kitchen of Selva Val Gardena, where in 2011 he was awarded the Michelin star. then moved to Milan in 2014 for the management of the Unico, the tallest starred restaurant in Europe, on the 20th floor of the WCJ in the Portello area.