Priceless advantages


Distinctive market differentiation

  1. A.A. Taste Awards label as a seal of quality – an advantage reserved exclusively for competition winners, whether it is used as a stamp on the packaging, high-quality advertising campaigns, on websites as well as in trade magazines, product brochures and catalogues, a high level of recognition and brand credibility is guaranteed!

  2. According to the study of the survey report shows that today's consumer awareness has reached a certain maturity, consumers are willing to pay a premium price for a certified product. The winners will receive a perfect print-ready data to produce stickers for your daily correspondence, for packaging and other purposes.

    Note: Winning package delivery service is provided if you are unable to collect the trophy and certificate of the award at the ceremony night. Shipping would be arranged within 10 workdays after the ceremony closed.


A.A. Taste Awards Gala Night

1. As an awards winner, you will be invited and honored to our glamorous awards night with plus one for free. Witnessing by nearly a hundred influential VIP guests, awardees will receive certificate and well-deserved trophy in the exclusive award night. During this specially organized reception, a professional photo shooting takes place for this precious moment.

2. All the pictures captured by professional photographers will be made available to you for download after the event, so that you can use them in your communication activities. A.A. Taste Awards will issue free copies of the display certificate and a digital form as your proof of excellence and well-backup for all the marketing needs.

An executive with high visibility in the press and internet

1. Immediately after the jury session, A.A. Taste Awards launches its schedule of comprehensive international press and PR measures to support you in your communications. Our high-quality media partnerships enhance press relations work when all winning units will become the focus of global media attention. The media can quickly get the relevant pictures and detailed explanation of all winners. The Anti Additive Association’s professional public relations network will ensure that the award-winning units are instantly informed by more than thousands of food and beverage related media, gourmets and additive-free lovers

2. Winners of the A.A. Taste Awards have the exclusive possibility of showing their products and dishes to the global public for at least a year as part of a large Online Presentation.

3. Thanks to the optimization of the Internet search engine, continuous network visibility significantly increases the number of visitors, clicks, and online ranking. Anti Additive Association will be the hands and helper of the award winners into the market influence.